Breast lift surgery or mastopexy removes excess skin that has accumulated around the breast during pregnancy or weight variations.

The mastopexy or breast lift is a surgical procedure whose purpose is to lift and firm the breasts. The results are visible in the weeks following the operation, once the shape and position of the breasts are normalised.

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Mastopexy • Breast Lift




Massive weight loss can give you a new opportunity on life, but it can also leave you with saggy breasts due to fat loss. Once you've reached your goal weight (or come close to it), mastopexy or breast lift, is an option that will allow you to regain the firmness and shape of your breasts. In order to avoid the need for a second surgery, if you plan to continue losing weight, we recommend postponing the mastopexy until you reach your ideal weight.

Since your breasts are not the only areas of your body that accumulate excess skin after a massive weight loss, you should consult with your surgeon the possibility of combining it with other post bariatric surgeries.

No, a post-bariatric mastopexy is very different. After a masive loss of weight a woman's chest shows a very important drop and a great decrease in the volume of the breast, this means finding a single skin envelope that is also lax, striated and sagging skin. This surgery is a great challenge for the surgeon who practices it and requires great experience.

Generally, yes. Since there has been a significant loss of volume in the breast.

Post-bariatric mastopexy consists of using the breast itself to make three different flaps that will serve as long-term support for the prosthesis. These breast flaps will help us to support and hide the prosthesis so that it is not visible or palpable on the surface, the prosthesis will also be covered by pectoral muscle.

It is essential that the prosthesis has a great coverage of internal membranes. This is a challenge in people who have had a massive weight loss since we have very little membrane to cover it. It is very important to use specific techniques that consist of using the muscle itself or the gland itself carved correctly so that the prosthesis is neither visible nor palpable in the long term since in the latter circumstance a very unsatisfactory result would be produced.

As in any post bariatric surgery, complications, seromas, haematomas and infections can appear and one directly associated with a mastopexy, is the necrosis of the areola. To minimize these risks it is very important that the surgeon who perform it has extensive experience not only in cosmetic surgery but also in post bariatric surgery techniques, since these techniques are specific for patients who have lost a lot of weight.

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Breast Lift

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We always carry out a personalised study of the objectives and anatomy of each patient, providing the best solution for lifting and improving the shape of sagging breasts.

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