Brachioplasty or arm lift offers many patients an improvement in their image and therefore greater self-esteem.

It is a surgical technique aimed at improving the appearance of the upper extremities by resection of excess dermofat on the inner side of both arms. The aim of this surgery is to achieve stylised arms that are in harmony with the body. The candidates for this surgery are patients who have suffered a significant loss of weight.

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Brachioplasty or Arm Lifting




In most cases patients choose the procedure for cosmetic reasons. In some patients the degree of sagging skin is so severe that it creates the appearance of what is known as "bat wing deformity". This can restrict movement and interfere with the use of the arms. Patients who are considering brachioplasty should understand that a significant scar will exist from the elbow to the armpit and should not undergo surgery if they are uncomfortable with the scar.

No. Brachioplasty is a technique practiced on people who have had massive weight loss and is not one of the most frequent post bariatric surgeries.

It depends on the excess skin that each patient has. If this excess is not very large, the incision is made in the armpit going quite unnoticed, but usually when a brachioplasty is performed after massive weight loss, the excess skin is very large and in this case the incision is made from the elbow to the armpit under the arm in a longitudinal way.

Yes, it can be combined. When there is a massive loss of weight it is not advisable to carry out a liposuction alone as it would cause greater flaccidity in the skin, the best and most frequent thing is to combine liposuction with a brachioplasty which notably improves the results.

Generally, a pressotherapy garment is used, as are cuffs on the arms to compress the area and allow the inner skin membranes to completely reshape.

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Arm Lifting

Here you can see some patients who have had an arm lift with us.

We always carry out a personalised study when significant weight loss is achieved and the skin on the arms changes, becomes flaccid and loosens. It can also cause the lower part of the arms to fall off.

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